At this amazing Tucson house cleaning company we offer a fantastic carpet cleaning service. This service to you is a great service that is important to your mental and physical health. We are going to dive into the importance and grueling details of carpet cleaning. Most carpet cleaning and area rug cleanings use hot water extraction or steam cleaning. Steam cleaning and hot water extractions leave your carpet wet for days which oftentimes leads to mild and/or mildew settling inside of your carpet. On The backing of your carpet is a layer we call jute. When other companies use hot water extraction or steam cleaning it saturates that jute. This causes the jute to break down and wear down carpet over time. Not only does it ruin your carpet over time but steam cleaning is also very loud. This is annoying for you and for your neighbors. When these types of treatments are done, your doors often have to remain open during the cleaning due to the hoses that have to run out of the house and to their machine.

Our Tucson house cleaning service is different. We use a process that is not the same as most carpet cleaners. Our process involves a low moisture system only cleaning the carpet fibers and not saturating the jute. The process that we use will allow your carpet to last much longer. In addition to your carpet lasting longer, your carpet will also stay cleaner longer. It will stay cleaner longer as well because we do not use any soap based products that attract dirt like many others. Our equipment comes into the home which means that your doors can stay shut. Our equipment is also so quiet that we have actually cleaned around sleeping babies in their cribs. They have remained peacefully in their crib during cleaning. This means we don’t disturbed or annoy you or your neighbors!

Your Handy Family’s Tucson house cleaning carpet and area rug services are amazing for you and your family’s health both mentally, and physically. The process that we use pulls out pet hair, dirt, and bacteria! We improve your indoor air quality which helps those who suffer from allergies. It helps mental health by knowing and seeing the amazing difference in the quality and cleanliness of your carpet. This means less stress and more relaxation for you! It helps physically because you will not be breathing in the dirt and bacteria that is stirred up every time you walk over that carpet. This means being sick less and less allergies.

In addition to us cleaning your carpets and making you feel better inside and out, it dries in such a short period of time, unlike hot water extraction or steam cleaning! Our low moisture system we use means your carpet will be dry in only about 1-2 hours!

We think you would love this service, in fact we know you would. If you have small children or heavy traffic, we recommend cleaning your carpets every 6-9 months. If you would like to book a consultation with us and see about letting us clean your carpets (and ease your mind) schedule with us at or give us a call at 520-262-5411.

Tucson House Cleaning | All About Tile and Grout Cleaning

We’re going to talk about our Tucson house cleaning service that is very important, tile and grout cleaning! Here is why it is so important to keep your tile and grout clean. If tile and grout is not properly maintained, it can wear out way faster than it should. Not cleaning it properly can actually take quite a few years off of your tile and grout. It is a very expensive job to put in new tile and grout so it is important to protect your tile and grout and make them last as long as you possibly can. We can help you do this by cleaning and caring for yours at home. We would also be giving our home a health makeover as well. This is because we would be pulling dirt, bacteria, and allergens that have built up on the surface of your tile and in the grout. This can reduce allergies and sickness as well as take a mental load off for you.

Here is the process that Tucson house cleaning company, Your Handy Family uses when cleaning your tile and grout. The first thing that we do when we start this process is we apply our cleaning solution. After applying our cleaning solution we use our very heavy duty, but gentle, scrubbing machine that will scrub the dirt, build up, grime, and bacteria off of the tile and in the grout. After scrubbing, we will use our very high powered extraction machine. Our high powered extraction machine pulls at a 7000 psi. After extracting all of the grime, dirt, build up, and bacteria off of your tile and grout you will be left looking with a beautiful tile and grout that is like new!

If you would like to get a look at this Tucson house cleaning service for yourself you can take a look on our website linked in the following paragraph! You have to see the amazing difference between the before and after pictures! We are certain you would love how this makes your home look brand new! It will look like a completely different and brand new house, we’re certain. Our clients love this service because of how much it feels like a new home. It’s an amazing service and you should get it if you want to feel like you’re in a brand new room or home.

Depending on how much traffic or how dirty your tile gets, you should have it cleaned one to two times a year. This will increase the longevity tremendously and leave your home feeling much cleaner and healthier. It is an incredible service and is our pleasure to do for you. We take great pride in our cleaning and the benefits that come from it. The benefits are great and our clients love it.

If you are interested in getting your tile and grout cleaned to better your home appearance, mental health, and physical health, we are here for you! You can take a look at some before and after photos and book a consultation or a cleaning by going to or by calling 520-262-5411.