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Contact us for residential or commercial cleaning for your carpet cleaning, tile/grout cleaning, area rugs and upholstery cleaning, dryer vent cleaning,  one time clean, recurring clean, deep cleaning, spring cleaning. We will keep your home in pristine condition. We know what it takes to make your house feel like a home again!

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Moving in? Call us for our move-in/out services. Moving in can be stressful and the last thing you need to worry about is if the house is clean. We can ensure that after we clean you will feel comfortable in your home. Leave the past germs in the past and look forward to a clean future as you move into your new space.

Moving out? Our move/in move/out service is the Tucson house cleaning choice for you. If you are renting most owners and property manager require house cleaning and carpet cleaning. We can do it all for you. We know what it takes to make a home look almost brand new again (minus the normal wear and tear of life in a home). If you are selling your home you might be required to have the house and floors cleaned. We can meet your requirements and have a beautiful looking home to put on the market. We have seen homes sell much faster if the home and floors are clean, than homes that are not.

Building a home and need to have post-construction cleaning? We offer these services. We can tackle any phase you are in post construction. Getting ready for flooring? We can prepare the home. Flooring done and need the home ready to show? We got you! We will have the home ready looking like new and ready to show and sell.

Office cleaning is not only good for your health, it is also good for presentation. Having a clean office space along with clean floors makes for a good impression on you! We know what it takes to have an amazing office to display to your customers. We take pride in our cleaning just as you take pride in how your office looks.


Who would benefit from our services?



Homeowners will benefit from our services because we will save you time in your busy day. We will accomplish your home cleaning so you don’t have to with the little time and energy you may have. Let us keep your home the way you have always dreamed it would look. Happy and healthy.



If you are renting and need to have your home cleaned after moving out we can come in and take care of the home after you have moved out and we can also clean the carpet. We know that carpet cleaning is also needed after moving out.



Realtors will benefit from our services because when they have a client that is buying or selling a house, presentation is key. We know what it takes. Homes sell faster when the house and floors look in pristine condition. We can accomplish that for you with our skills.


Business Owners

Business owners will benefit from our services. Do you have an office that welcomes your customers? Having a clean appearance along with clean carpet, and tile/grout will give your customers a good feeling when they walk into a clean environment.


Home Builders

Home builders will benefit from our services because we know that post construction things are dirty. We have found that people that move onto their brand new built home have noticed that their home still has dry wall dust on light switches, doors, counters and floors. There are fingerprints on doors and cabinets. Having the home clean before your home buyer moves in is a great impression on your business.



Restaurants will benefit from our services because we can keep your place of business looking in tip top shape. Usually there is oil buildup on tile in the kitchen and bathrooms usually get a lot of traffic too. Health is a very important reason to have a clean environment in your restaurant. Having a cleaning on a regular basis helps keep the environment free of dirt, bacteria, and viruses that lurk around.

Having your home or office space cleaned regularly helps prevent a build up of dust, germs and dirt that can cause negative effects on your health. Cleaning your home regularly can eliminate the dust, germs and dirt from your home making it a healthy environment for you, your family and guests. Regular cleaning will help improve your indoor air quality as well.

Having your Tucson house cleaning will save you time and energy. Giving you the freedom to spend your time doing what is most important to you. You will get to enjoy your Tucson house cleaning the moment you walk in the door. Your home will look and feel amazing. You can rest assured that having your home cleaned regularly your home is rid of all the germs, bacteria and viruses that lurk around. One of our favorite things that our customers tell us is their home feels fresh and feels good to be home.

The Handy Family is a good option for those moving into a new home or selling their home because we will deep clean, as well as clean the floors with our professional equipment. Therefore saving you time by trying to find multiple companies when we can do it all!

Getting your carpet clean regularly is good for your health. Not only does it pull the dirt especially in those high traffic areas, it also gets the allergens out of your carpet that build up causing allergy symptoms. Your carpet will be clean, feel clean and look clean! With our low moisture system your carpet will be dry in about 1-2 hours.

We provide honest, quality Tucson house cleaning services.

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