Our Tucson House Cleaning offers a lot of services. Let’s dive into a detailed list of these things. For move in and move out cleaning the services offered are to clean windows and window sills, to clean all baseboards ad wipe them clean, we clean wall outlets and light switch plates, we clean all appliances (inside and out in the kitchens and laundry room), we clean and polish counters, faucets, and sinks. We also clean the inside and outside of drawers and handles, we clean doors and walls as needed, we clean insides and outsides of cabinets. We vacuum the carpet, we vacuum and mop hard floors, we clean mirrors, we clean medicine cabinets inside and out. We clean bathtubs and doors, as well as the showers and tracks. We also clean the tile and grout, we can light fixtures and dust them, inside and outside. We clean the towel bars, toilet paper roll holder as well as the toilet. Toilet base, and behind the toilet. We wipe the temperature control unit clean and the shelving in closets (such as coat closet, pantry, and bedroom closets).

Other services that we provide in the Tucson house cleaning industry as Your Handy Family include post construction cleaning. These services include dusting all areas, wiping and polishing hard surfaces, cleaning bathtubs and showers as well as toilets and sinks. We clean doors and door frames, and door handles. We can windows and window sills. WE also clean mirrors and baseboards. We clean light fixtures and switches and also vacuum and mop hard floors.

We also have add-on services for our regular Tucson house cleaning service. These add-on services include Cleaning the inside of the microwave (this includes the falls tray0, cleaning the inside of the stove (stove door, interior racks, and warming drawer are included). We also clean the inside of the fridge (shelving and drawers are included in this), we also deep clean the baseboards (this removes stubborn dirt build up). Another thing add-on services include are a deep clean of the blinds (this removes stubborn dirt build up), dust walls, dust and wet wipe doors, dust AC vents, and clean interior windows(other than sliding glass door and kitchen window above sink). Our regular house cleaning includes kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms such as hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms.

From move in and move out cleanings to construction cleanings to regular home cleaning with add on services, know that we have got your back. We also offer cleanings for offices, restaurants and home builders as well. We are the best company for you because we care about you and we care about you and understand how much we care about you and your home. We are detailed about our services so you know exactly what we provide for you and if you have any extra questions or needs we want to meet those needs as well. We think we are the perfect fit for you and your family and we truly believe that for you.

We want to be the one to provide these services for you. We would love for you to join the Handy Family and book with us to lessen the burden and stress of cleaning. Let us take this off your back. Book and schedule with us today by going to https://yourhandyfamily.com/ or by calling 520-262-5411.

Tucson House Cleaning | All About Upholstery

This Tucson house cleaning company offers upholstery cleaning as well. Yes, Your Handy Family takes care of ALL of your needs. This time, we are going to talk all about upholstery. Upholstery is something we spend so much of our time on. While we are spending most of our time on our upholstery, the upholstery is spending time doing something else. Our upholstery is gathering our oils, dirt, and bacteria build up all while we are just relaxing on it. Who would’ve thought? When we go in to clean your furniture, we penetrate it about one and a half inches deep to remove all these dirts, oils, and bacteria that has managed to build up over time.

Upholstery cleaning is an important part of Tucson house cleaning. We need to be sure to clean the grime, dirt, oil, and bacteria to keep you healthy and clean! It becomes better for your skin, allergies, and to prevent sickness whenever we clean! It will not only put you at peace of mind but also put us at peace of mind. Your health is important to us and we care about our community. It is important to clean upholstery for health and cleanliness reasons.

In our Tucson house cleaning community, your health matters. Let’s clean your upholstery and make sure your health stays in good shape! While making sure your health stays good, let’s make sure your furniture looks good while we’re at it! Upholstery cleaning services that we offer to you are sofas and sectionals, dining room chairs, love seats, lazy boys, ottomans, patio furniture, mattresses, kids chairs, and more if you just ask! We offer free consultations so that we are sure to give a fair total for the customer and ys. We feel that seeing the home ourselves before giving an exact total means we are not over or undercharging for the quality of work that we provide for you. We go and give our consultations ourselves so you know that we are the ones making sure that you get a fair quote. Relationships with our clients are important to us so that we can make you an important part of our family.

We may not be the cheapest company but we are not the most expensive either. We care about making your home and upholstery healthier and cleaning for you. We take great pride in making sure upholstery items are properly cleaned. Our company is important to hold at high standards, which is why we take pride in the work that we do.

If you would like to book or schedule a consultation with us to get your upholstery cleaned to better your health, skin, and freshen that furniture up, we would love to schedule you. We are excellent people for you. Join our family and book today at https://yourhandyfamily.com/ or by calling 520-262-5411.