Steven and Leana started the Handy Family in 2021 and began serving the Tucson house cleaning community at that time. Steven and Leana have always had a passion for serving God and their community though. Steven was born in phoenix and moved to Tucson when he was still in highschool. Steven met Leana after working at the local hospital in town back in 2006. When they got married it was 2010 and they started a family shortly after. Steven then began working in the mining industry for six years after they got married. He worked as a labor tech and ended up working his way up. He worked his way up to a surveyor from a labor tech before they started The Handy Family cleaning company.

Both Leana and Steven have always had a passion for helping people, which is why they are the perfect people to choose for your Tucson house cleaning needs. Leana was actually born in Tucson and has been a native her whole entire life. Leana was actually working in the medical field helping people for a long time before Steven and her started the Handy Family. While helping people in the medical field, Leana actually spent 17 years doing so! What a fantastic couple to choose for your cleaning needs who care for you.

Another reason why you should choose Handy Family for your Tucson house cleaning is because they have great morals and core values. They enjoy many things that make them the perfect choice for your cleaning services. They really love to spend time with God first, then also spend time with family. As well as spending time with God and spending time with family they also love to spend time outdoors. When they are outdoors they love to go and camp, spend time at the lake, hunt, off road, and much more.

More of the reasons why the Handy Family are such an amazing and wholesome choice for your family cleaning needs are the other things that they love to do. They also love to cook, and take pictures of everything involving their children all the way to nature or doing any project, spoiling their pets, and so much more. The Handy Family’s va;ues and order of morals are one that is highly respectable.

Leana and Steven’s order of morals are that they both serve God first. After serving God first, they then serve each other and their children and community. They are a fantastic couple who take pride in their faith, values, and morals. They love their clients and treat them with respect and give each one the best experience possible by executing the cleaning properly and communicating properly so that all the needs are met. Client relations and client satisfaction are extremely important to the Handy Family. If you are interested in booking a cleaning or consultation get 50 % off your first booking by going to their website at or by calling 520-262-5411.

Tucson House Cleaning | Long Term Savings

It is important to have our Tucson house cleaning service for you. It is important for you because it is an investment in your long-term savings. Do you have lots of valuable furniture, carpet, blinds, and other household items? Overtime without professional procedures and equipment things like this begin to deteriorate without a regular deep clean, performed by us. Your fabrics and blinds might lose their smooth surface. With a regularly scheduled cleaning you can help preserve the longevity of these valuable items. We also offer upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and grout cleaning to help preserve these items as well.

With our Tucson House Cleaning service, the handy family will make you a part of our family. Your savings and peace of mind are important to us. We want to ward off the deterioration of fibers for you by offering our services by professionally removing and extracting all contaminants to restore your items. We use a low moisture system on cleaning the carpet fibers and not saturating the jute on the back of your carpet. Most carpet cleanings use hot water extraction or steam cleaning, leaving your carpet wet for days which can lead to mold and mildew settling in your carpet. Our process also does not use any soap based products that attract dirt. Our equipment also comes into the home so your doors can remain shut. Our equipment is very quiet. We have cleaned around sleeping babies in their cribs peacefully and remain that way during cleaning. Other steam cleaning services are very loud and not only an annoyance to you, but also to your neighbors, your doors also remain open during cleaning due to the hoses that have to run out to their machines.

We are the place to go anytime that you may need to find Tucson House Cleaning because we will go out of our way for you. We simply want to make sure that you are getting a cleaning that is going to be one of a kind. We simply are going to be the best option out there for you. We offer cleaning that is going to be superior to any other. We want to make sure that you understand that every time you go home you are going to be very glad to be home because of the amazing clean environment that you are going to be living in.

If these sound like a great thing for you then you should reach out to us here today. Because we want to make sure that you are getting services with cleaning that are going to be superior to anyone else. Because you deserve the best cleaning and with us you can always get that no matter what. Simply visist our website today at or feel free to give us a call here today at 520-262-5411 and we can help you furthermore. We look foward to helping you. Simply reach out to us here today and our services will give you a greatly cleaned house today with us!