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Tucson House Cleaning | Our Services for You

Your Handy Family is the best service for your Tucson house cleaning. We offer to you residential house cleaning, carpet cleaning, and tile cleaning. These are just some of the many ways that we can service for you. In residentials, we will clean your bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, common areas, and kitchens.We also offer add on services, move in/out cleaning, post construction cleaning, and also cleanings for offices, restaurants, and home builders. We can also offer you carpet cleanings and area rug cleanings. We also offer you tile and grout cleaning. We can also offer you upholstery cleaning as well.

Our services are the best in all of Tucson house cleaning service options. Our residential cleaning services offer services that include bathroom, kitchen, and common areas. Lets break these rooms down. In all bathrooms, the tasks that will be completed are cleaning toilets, inside and out, including the base. We will cleaning tubs and showers, towel bars and toilet paper holders, we will dust light fixture if reachable, we will also dust baseboards. In your bedrooms we will dust all surfaces, dust furniture, picture frames, and other items and decorations. We will clean all points of contact, such as light switches and door knobs. We will clean mirrors, sliding glass doors, empty trash, vacuum floors, mop hard floors, and wipe window sills clean In common areas we will dust furniture, picture frames, and other items’/decorations. All points of contact will be cleaning. Window sills will be wiped clean and ceiling fans will be dusted as need if they are reachable. We will empty trash, vacuum floors, and mop floors. The Kitchen will have the same tasks completed plus more.

The best floor services in all of Tucson house cleaning is at Your Handy family. We offer cleaning on your carpets and area rugs. We also offer tile and grout cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning. For carpet and area rugs hot water extraction or steam cleaning leaves your carpet wet for dats which can lead to mold and mildew settling in your carpet. When hot water extraction or stem cleaning is done, it saturates the jute on your carpet, causing it to break down and wear down your carpet over time. Steam cleaning is also very loud and a nuisance to you and your neighbors. Without process, we use a low moisture system only cleaning the carpet fivers and not saturing the jute. Our process will allow your carpet to last longer and will stay cleaning longer. Our process pulls dirt, bacteria, and pet hair out. It also improves indoor air quality, helping with allergies. Our tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning is the best option for you too.

Our tile and grout cleaning service starts with us applying our cleaning solution. We then use our heavy duty scrubbing machina dn scrub the dirt and build up off of your tile and grout. Then we use a high powered extraction machine that pulls at 700 psi to get your floors looking excellent. Our upholstery cleaning is a great service! We spend so much of our time on our upholstery, meanwhile the upholstery spends time gathering our oils which build up over time. We go about 1.5 inches deep into your upholstery to remove these oils, dirt, and bacteria build up.

Let us provide any of these excellent services to you and book us now by going tohttps://yourhandyfamily.com/ or calling 520-262-5411.